10 NEPS bags (10x screws) 10 Bolsas (10 x tornillos)

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includes 10 bags  of 10 x NEPS   ready to use!


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  • Product info

    NEPS screws are compatible with the dimensions of the conventional epee screws.

    - The SEMI FIE commission has verified its functional compatibility with the conventional screws in  World Cup competition.

    -It's life time is several times (5-8) the standard design's screw.

    -Practicable on both sides (better usability) .

    -Clearing hole to facilitate alignment.

    -A steel collar configuration prevents over-nibbling and improves the grip against the body of the arrest point. This screw can be driven with a standard 2mm flat head screwdriver, but it's advisable to use a special one: NEPS screwdriver.


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